2-col_monitor_m4.jpgSpectrum Medical’s System M technology is the only line of diagnostic monitors for the perfusion and ECMO specialties that provides a wide range of critical care parameters non-invasively and in real-time.

This diagnostic solution is unique in that it can also be combined with Spectrum Medical’s VIPER EMR technology for a complete system which will display and capture all the critical information needed by the clinician.

The System M employs the latest in high resolution touch screen technology and world leading graphics. Highly configurable the System M technology will allow the user to specify both gauge and graphical information into a user interface specifically designed for the needs of the individual program.

Using proprietary technology System M diagnostic monitors provide you with the confidence you need to make critical decisions based on real-time accurate information.

Key features that will address you and your patient’s needs:


  • No in-line cuvettes provides a decrease in in-line clotting issues which often  require a change out of the complete circuit.
  • No in-line cuvettes so there is less chance of infection.
  • Provides increased portability and less than one minute set-up which saves time and costs of supplies and equipment.

Real-time accuracy

Remains accurate during changes in circuit temperature, circuit flows, and hemodilution, giving you peace of mind.

Confidence that you are documenting accurate and reliable measurements from the start of the case to the finish.

Lightweight and durable

Easily moved from room to room in emergencies or for transporting a patient to another area.

Please go to our System M Products page for a list of all the parameters we now measure!