The Quantum Pump Console

The Quantum Pump Console is a radical breakthrough in the design of the Heart Lung Machine. Using stainless steel space frame construction has allowed Spectrum Medical to deliver a solution that offers significant savings in both weight and footprint when compared to the conventional technologies available today.

The Quantum Heart Lung Machine space frame design offers internal cabling and a flexible pump mounting system which is fully customizable to meet the individual needs of the end user.

As a package the Quantum Pump Console includes:

  • Stainless Steel Space Frame
  • Roller Pumps
  • Venous Smart Occluder
  • Pump Mounting Systems
  • The Quantum Power Pack
  • Centrifugal Drive Systems
  • Arterial Smart Occluder
  • Pump Control Module

The Quantum Pump Console is not yet available within the US and ROW markets. Keep checking the news section within this website for updates on our regulatory pathway towards a Q2 of 2017 release.