Quantum Perfusion Technologies

QUANTUM: the future of Extracorporeal Technology

Following five years of intensive Research and Development, Spectrum Medical proudly presents an exciting new generation of Extracorporeal Technologies and Integrated Patient Safety Systems designed specifically for cardiopulmonary bypass and ECMO therapies.

The Quantum product line utilizes the very latest hardware and software technologies to offer the ultimate in Heart Lung Machine and ECMO system functionality, all within a compact and customizable installation. 


The Quantum Perfusion System comprises the Quantum Management System, the Quantum Pump Console and a range of optional Quantum Accessories.

The Quantum Management System

The Quantum Management System comprises the Quantum Workstation, the Quantum Ventilation System and the Pump Control Module.

The key to the Quantum product line is it's modularity, which allows the user to expand overall Quantum functionality over a number of annual budget cycles.

As an example, the Quantum Workstation can be purchased as an individual item or in combination with the Ventilation System. The Pump Control Module can be added when the Quantum Management System is integrated with the Quantum Pump Console.

The Quantum Pump Console

The Quantum Pump Console is a customizable solution designed specifically by you to meet the individual needs of your clinical practice.

The Quantum Pump Console is comprised of a stainless steel Space-Frame, the Power Management System and a uniquely designed range of Roller Pumps.

Using a modular stainless Space-Frame construction and a five wheel stability system ensures a substantial weight saving when compared to older technologies and a greatly reduced footprint for improved positioning to the patient.

The modularity that underpins the Quantum philosophy ensures that future changes in clinical practice can easily be accomodated by the Quantum Perfusion System and at minimal cost.

In keeping with Spectrum Medical's commitment to vendor neutrality and end user flexibility, the Quantum Pump Console maintains the capability to integrate a range of centrifugal pumps.

Quantum System Accessories

The optional and modular range of Quantum System Accessories have been designed to enhance the overall functionality of your Quantum Perfusion System by improving patient safety and ease of use.

Today the modular Quantum Accessory Range includes the following "world first solutions":

  • A dedicated two channel medication delivery system for the safe delivery of Cardiopleagia.
  • An integrated closed-loop venous tube clamping system designed specifically for the complex process of patient weaning at the end of CV Surgery.

The Quantum Perfusion Management System is not yet available within the US market. Keep checking the news section within this website for updates on our regulatory pathway towards a Q4 of 2017 release.