The Quantum Ventilation System

The Quantum Ventilation System is a major breakthrough in the safe delivery of patient ventilation during clinical procedures requiring extracorporeal V/A circulation for critical life support.  With its unique combination of world-first technologies the Quantum Ventilation System offers clinicians the opportunity to deploy an Atmospheric or Hypobaric ventilation strategy across a wide ranging patient population.


Atmospheric Ventilation Mode

The standard ventilation practice in extracorporeal support is to deliver a mixture of Oxygen, Air and CO2 through an oxygenator and then modulating either FiO2, FiCO2, and/or total gas flow (sweep) to achieve a desired PaO2 and PaCO2.

Hypobaric Ventilation Mode

The Quantum Ventilation System possesses the functionality to deliver a controlled negative vacuum pressure to the gas phase of the oxygenator while delivering inlet gases of Oxygen, optional CO2 and Anesthetic agents. Using such a technique eliminates the use of Nitrogen (air) by simply replacing the partial pressure of Nitrogen with an equivalent Vacuum pressure. This functionality safely permits the application of Hypobaric Oxygenation which has been shown to significantly reduce GME delivery during cardiopulmonary bypass.

Read more: Article in Press, Dr. Gibson’s speech (Sanibel 2017)

Note:    Hypobaric Ventilation is only available when using Spectrum Medical approved Oxygenators. 

One System - Six Leading Solutions from Spectrum Medical

A "single system, six solutions" design strategy ensures that the Quantum Ventilation System will support multiple therapies across a wide ranging patient population to ensure maximum utilization within the clinical environment.


**The Quantum Ventilation System is the first Perfusion monitoring system to integrate an optional capability for the measurement of delivered Anesthetic gases during extracorporeal circulation. The highly responsive MassimoTM IRMA AX+ (Multigas Analyzer) has the capability to accurately measure a range of Anesthetic gases including Isoflurane, Sevoflurane and Desoflurane.

The Quantum Ventilation System is not yet available within the US and ROW markets. Keep checking the news section within this website for updates on our regulatory pathway towards a Q1 of 2018 release.