The Quantum 15" Workstation

The Quantum 15" Workstation is the primary user interface for the management of the world's most advanced Perfusion Management System.

Integrated software applications (Apps) supported by a unique line of advanced Quantum sub-systems extends user functionality well beyond today's conventional technologies. With a single screen interface and a total commitment to user "ease of use", combined with Spectrum Medical's legendary commitment to both patient and physician safety the Quantum 15" Workstation is your "flight deck" in the management of the following Perfusion Systems:

  • Blood Flow Management, the Delivery of Cardioplegia and Patient Weaning
  • Patient Ventilation, Gas Blending and Vacuum Management
  • Vitals Management and Diagnostic Alarm Settings
  • VIPER Data Management and Quantum System Settings

Quantum 15" Workstation showing the Pump Manager App.


As a standalone system the Quantum 15" Workstation is a world first integrated display system that has been specifically designed for the safe delivery of extracorporeal circulation. Manufactured from medical grade aluminum materials and with the latest high resolution touch-screen technologies (don't try this at home)

The Quantum Workstation complies with the latest medical and safety regulations in accordance with ISO 62304 and ISO 60601.