The Quantum Pump Console

The Quantum Pump Console is a radical breakthrough in the design of the Heart Lung Machine. Using a stainless steel space frame construction has allowed Spectrum Medical to deliver a solution that offers significant savings in both weight and footprint when compared to the conventional technologies available today. 

The Quantum Heart Lung Machine space frame design offers internal cabling and a flexible pump mounting system which is fully customizable to meet the individual needs of the end user.

As a package the Quantum Pump Console includes:

  • Stainless Steel Space Frame
  • Roller Pumps
  • Venous Smart Occluder
  • Pump Mounting Systems
  • The Quantum Power Pack
  • Centrifugal Drive Systems
  • Arterial Smart Occluder
  • Pump Control Module

The Quantum Pump Console is not yet available within the US market. Keep checking the news section within this website for updates on our regulatory pathway towards a Q4 of 2017 release.