Spectrum Medical is a provider of information technology systems for the high acuity areas.  These unique and intuitive systems include enhanced device connectivity, EMR integration, and a comprehensive telemedicine capability.

Spectrum Medical is also the recognized leader in non-invasive diagnostic monitoring technologies used in extracorporeal procedures. 

Spectrum Medical Products include:

  • VIPER Enhanced Device Connectivity and EMR Generation
  • VISION Server and Data Management System 
  • LIVE VUE Web Based Telemedicine 
  • System M  Diagnostic Technologies 

Spectrum Medical has been and will always be committed to providing hospitals with highly differentiated technologies that have evolved from an intimate knowledge of its customer's needs both today and tomorrow. 

Ease of use, ease of support, and a flexible, modular approach to system deployment ensures that the solutions offered by Spectrum Medical will provide exceptional return on investment. 

A team of engineers in the United Kingdom and the United States are constantly working within Spectrum Medical to improve its data management capabilities and patient safety technologies.