The Next Generation Clinical Work Station Designed for The Clinical Specialty.

Variable Input Patient Electronic Records: VIPER! 

Designed by the clinical community for the fast and accurate recording of important clinical data, the VIPER clinical interfacing module can easily be configured to provide three levels of patient-facing functionality.

The concept behind project VIPER is simple: to provide additional I.T. return on investment by offering options that expand on medical device connectivity. These options include clinical support systems that improve patient safety, patient outcomes, and compliance management but do not add I.T. overhead and infrastructure costs to the independently sourced device connectivity solution.

Medical Device Connectivity   

Easy Medical Device Connectivity, using VIPER’s unique Positive Patient Association technology and Spectrum Medical’s VISION server application, ensure device data is collected and distributed via HL7 to the hospital’s enterprise system. 

WiFi, USB, RS-232, Bluetooth, and conventional wired network capabilities provide complete OR connectivity to an extensive range of medical devices.  

Data collection is both real-time and network independent, ensuring that information is accurate, timely, and never lost. Collected data is also encrypted and sent in real-time to the central VISION server and optional LIVE VUE telemedicine module. 

Clinical Support Solutions  

Access to Spectrum Medical’s unique ‘Clinical App Store’ enhances entry level device connectivity with an extended range and depth of data capture and clinical management systems that simultaneously improve oversight and patient safety.

The clinical user can select and assign “Clinical Apps” to the various function keys and immediately commence with the collection of vital clinical data.  Data collected by the VIPER clinical interface is immediately passed to the VISION database.  The VISION web application has been developed to “auto-config” as new data tables are created within the SQL database.  This feature allows the clinical team immediate access to the collected data and reporting systems without the need for on-going I.T. support.

Clinical Apps include:

  • Checklists                               
  • Vital Sign Capture and Graphing
  • EKG Capture                          
  • Compliance Management
  • Medication Management         
  • Stock Management
  • Event Management                 
  • Procedure Management

Contact Spectrum Medical for a full list of available “Clinical Apps”.

Full EMR Generation

Spectrum Medical has developed a unique approach to the creation of specialty wide EMRs.  Speed of operation, ease of use, and program configurability make the VIPER EMR module an ideal solution for either a ‘best in breed’ implementation or as a supplementary support solution for specialty EMRs not normally supported by the larger enterprise implementations.

Working in conjunction with Spectrum Medical’s VISION server application, the VIPER’s EMR module is vendor neutral and will communicate with the Hospital Information System, exchanging information in either HL7 or PDF formats.

With a touch screen interface and high color graphics, data input is both fast and efficient. A 1-2 case learning curve ensures that clinician acceptance is high and patient safety is improved.  Building on the Spectrum Medical concept of ‘enhanced device connectivity’, the VIPER EMR module is a flexible solution that works with both existing and new I.T. implementations.

Additionally ‘Clinical Apps’ for both Pre-Op and Post-Op activities are available.