The Powerhouse behind Spectrum Medical’s Clinical Information System!

The Vision Server Application is a suite of software programs utilizing virtual intelligence to manage the collection, storage, and distribution of clinical information.

At one level VISION manages device connectivity, data collection, and system interfacing with the hospital’s information system and at another level it is the clinician’s window into a world of compliance, outcomes based medicine, and enhancements to existing patient safety strategies.

VISION has been designed with the knowledge that IT departments are under significant pressure to achieve federally mandated “meaningful use”, maximize return on investment, and also contain their overhead expenditures. With multiple specialties, each having multiple needs, IT departments need a solution that will address the larger regulatory compliance issues as well as the individual patient safety and quality of care compliance issues of individual clinical areas.

Core to the VISION Server Application is the Concept of “Virtual Intelligence".

At the first level, Spectrum Medical must deliver its contribution to “meaningful use” by collecting data and using either HL7 or PDF formats to send information to the Hospital Information System.  Once the network is installed, the server constructed, and the VIPER units are deployed, the VISION Clinical Information System can then be set to run independent of further IT support.

At this point virtual intelligence takes over. Virtual intelligence is a concept in which the VISION Clinical Information System self-configures to continually manage the collection of new data, its storage within the database, and its access via the VISION web interface.

As with all pursuits in life, great works are best achieved through team work and partnerships. Spectrum Medical, working together with your specialty teams, is without a doubt a force for excellence.