Spectrum Medical has consulted with clinicians in the field in an effort to provide products that are intuitive and easy to use.

It is our goal to make sure clinicians feel comfortable with System M, our diagnostics solution, and VIPER, VISION and LIVE VUE, our device connectivity, electronic medical records, and telemedicine solutions, within 1-2 cases.

The VIPER, VISION, and LIVE VUE electronic medical record systems are highly configurable by the clinician and therefore can be pre-set and re-configured at anytime to meet the ever changing needs of the clinical program.

It has also been Spectrum Medical’s commitment to customers to make the installation process as quick and painless as possible. Spectrum Medical is on-site until the set-up is complete and we walk you through the process step by step. We pride ourselves on a seamless and efficient installation once the information is in place.

Spectrum Medical will assign your hospital a Spectrum Medical project manager that will liaise with an assigned hospital project manager. This person will be available to your team before and after the installation is complete.

Our installation team and clinical trainers are there to make it easy for you. They will help you pre-configure the system the way you want, based on the established flow of your clinical program.

Spectrum Medical also has a team of engineers, located just outside of Charlotte, NC, that are there to provide remote monitoring and remote diagnostic services as needed.