I.T. Solutions

Spectrum Medical is dedicated to providing configurable solutions and technologies that improve both overall hospital efficiency and patient safety.

2-col_diagram_solutionsNEW.jpgSpectrum Medical's unique "Clinical Enterprise Solution" specifically meets the needs of the clinical specialty areas.

Spectrum Medical is committed to cost effective and efficient collection, distribution, and management of clinical data and EMR integration.

Even with the introduction of new products and software, the core competencies and objectives of Spectrum Medical’s solutions have always been and continue to be:

  • Ease of use, intuitive operation, and minimal training time.
  • Vendor-neutral device integration and data management.
  • Portability of its data collections systems.
  • Real-time distribution of information to any point of care and location of the clinician.
  • Management and support of compliance strategies.
  • Patient safety and clinical support systems.

Spectrum Medical’s Clinical Enterprise Solution includes enhanced Medical Device Connectivity, Electronic Medical Record systems, Telemedicine technologies and Compliance strategies that provide the clinical specialty with unquestionable quality, functionality, performance, and affordability.  With its highly configurable products, Spectrum Medical works closely with its customers to create individual solutions that supply efficient data management, device integration, and improved patient safety.

Learn more about the solutions we provide and how they can help you achieve your clinical and management goals.

Solutions Offered by Spectrum Medical: