Compliance Strategies

It has historically been an expectation that hospitals and clinicians work together to improve both patient safety and patient outcomes.  In today’s healthcare world, with increased regulatory oversight and changes in reimbursement strategies, it has become imperative that clinical management tools are deployed to support compliance strategies for both high and low acuity environments.

Although clinical compliance can be measured at multiple levels, Spectrum Medical has developed a unique core philosophy. This philosopy is based on the belief that compliance should be monitored in real-time and as close to the patient as possible.

Spectrum Medical’s software provides a range of tools that facilitate the monitoring of compliance at three levels:  Real Time Compliance, End of Case Compliance and Time Based and Team Compliance Reporting.  All three levels of compliance are designed to support the hospital and the clinician in the measurement of internal compliance and patient outcomes.

At Spectrum We Believe That Compliance In Real-Time Is Better Than Compliance At The End Of The Month.

Real-time Compliance

  • Uniquely configurable, clinical compliance profiles can be created to meet the needs of both the patient and the clinical team. Spectrum Medical's VIPER clinical interfacing software will provide real-time alerts  when patient parameters fall outside designated compliance limits.
  • As well as providing local care giver support, the system can be programmed to send both e-mail and text alerts. 
  • Certain clinical care and documentation requirements, such as checklists that need to be completed or required antibiotics that need to be given, can be flagged and pre-set to alert clinicians. 

End of Case Compliance

  • Utilizing the compliance module within VIPER’s clinical interfacing software, the clinical team can statistically analyze intra-operative compliance or compliance at the close of the case.
  • A highly visual graphical representation of compliance can be generated for analysis of compliance and immediate corrective action.

Time Based and Team Compliance Reporting

  • Compliance Data is continuously uploaded to the hospital’s VISION server for anytime analysis.
  • A web based interface ensures that departmental managers and hospital administrators have access to a range of tools that facilitate compliance analysis by patient type, department, and team members within a department.
  • Monthly or quarterly management and quality reports can be automatically sent out via e-mail.
  • Reports for supply usage, blood usage, quality indicators, personnel usage, and billing can be configured and generated as needed, depending on the variable needs of the clinical program.

We welcome you to look further at our systems and learn more about how they will complement your existing compliance strategies.

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