Electronic Medical Records


Ease of use, speed of operation, and vendor neutral configurability are key factors in the design of Spectrum Medical's Electronic Medical Record (EMR) module.

Spectrum Medical has developed a unique approach in the creation of specialty wide Electronic Medical Records.  Speed of operation, ease of use, and program configurability make the VIPER EMR module an ideal solution for a 'best in breed' implementation. The VIPER EMR is also ideally suited as a supplementary support solution for the clinical specialty areas that are not normally supported by the larger enterprise systems.

Working in conjunction with Spectrum Medical’s VISION server application, the VIPER’s EMR module is vendor neutral and will communicate with the Hospital Information System. Information is exchanged in either HL7 or PDF formats utilizing an interface engine supplied by Mirth Inc.

Spectrum Medical is further differentiated in that it is the only EMR vendor that designs and manufactures hardware for integration into the clinical space with minimal disruption and without the need for a costly, separately sourced, device connectivity solution. Additionally 'Clinical Apps' for both Pre-Op and Post-Op activities are also available. 

A touch screen interface with high color graphics ensures that data input is both fast and efficient. A 1-2 case learning curve and intuitive navigation ensures physician acceptance is high and patient safety is improved.

Building on the Spectrum Medical concept of enhanced device connectivity, the VIPER EMR module is a flexible solution that works with both existing and new I.T. implementations.

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