It is becoming increasingly accepted in the field of medicine that the capability of real-time telemedicine offers many benefits to the hospital program, its clinicians, and most importantly its patients.



Telemedicine capabilities if appropriately used can:  

  • Significantly decrease the time from assessment to time of care.
  • Decrease costs associated with personnel and procedure turnover times.
  • Improve patient care and safety.

Spectrum Medical’s telemedicine program called LIVE VUE can operate as a standalone solution or in conjunction with Spectrum Medical’s VIPER & VISION EMR technology.  Highly configurable and modular in deployment, the LIVE VUE program represents the latest technology in the display and delivery of real-time clinical data when and where you need it.

LIVE VUE further sets the bar with levels of interactivity not seen with other more expensive systems. Whether it is the display of vital signs, drug delivery, or nursing events, the LIVE VUE program will ensure high-clarity access to vital patient data.

LIVE VUE also provides the most cost effective telemedicine solution for large and small hospital environments that operate across a single location or in multiple locations. 

Some of the key features offered through the use of LIVE VUE that give you the solutions you need include:

  • Real-time distribution of live data from diagnostic devices and the hospital management system.
  • Multiple viewing modes, i.e. tablet, big board, laptop, that allow you to view live information wherever you happen to be located.
  • Web based system data encryption.
  • Highly interactive and configurable dashboards.
  • Active graphing of vital signs and EKG data.
  • A Team Track function for tracking the status of patients under your supervision.
  • Improved communication between you and your team members facilitated by the use of audio, video, e-mail, and text.
  • Pre-set compliance delivery alerts in real-time.

Accessing Real-time information can sometimes be the deciding factor in a clinical outcome.

Spectrum Medical’s LIVE VUE telemedicine capability provides the solutions you need.

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