Vent Interlock

Spectrum Medical introduces Quantum Perfusion, offering dynamic new approaches to patient and clinical safety.

After Weaning Mode has been activated, the optional Vent Interlock function directs the Quantum Workstation to control the Arterial Pump so that the Arterial flow rate equals the sum of the Venous flow rate plus the Vent flow rate. This maintains the volume balance between the patient’s vascular system and the bypass circuit.

This balanced relationship continues even if the Venous Blood Flow rate is Zero. At a Zero Venous Blood Flow rate, the Arterial Pump matches the flow rate of the Vent. This maintains the patient fluid balance since it replenishes the volume lost from the patient via the active Vent, which also safely and automatically maintains the Venous Reservoir Level. The Low-Level Reservoir Function provides additional safety. The Arterial Smart Occluder automatically opens and closes in response to the input provided by the Quantum Workstation, providing further safety and convenience.