Total Customer Support (Sentinel & Vigilance)

Sentinel & Vigilance Total Care programs define the standards by which other providers are measured!

With an absolute dedication to customer support and a total solutions approach to maximizing equipment availability within the hospital, Spectrum Medical has designed a two-tier customer support program called Sentinel Total Care and Vigilance Total Care.

Sentinel Total Care:

  • Extended Warranty
    Full warranty on your Quantum Perfusion System including Associated Accessories (sensors, cable assemblies) for its 10-year life at no cost to the customer. Quantum products beyond economic repair will be replaced with latest “new build” technologies.
  • Annual Servicing
    Includes all required servicing visits performed by dedicated Spectrum Medical’s service personal and the cost of all servicing items.
  • Accidental Damage
    Accidental damage including accessories (sensor, cable assemblies) for the 10-year life of your Quantum Product at no cost to the customer.
  • Emergency Loan Equipment
    For all products that cannot be repaired within 24 hours of being returned to Spectrum Medical Service Center.
  • Annual Software Updates
    During the service visit the Quantum Software will be maintained to latest standards, including changes to user functionality, updates to enhance maintainability, reliability and protocol changes to third party device driver software at no cost to the customer. Software deployment is subject to prior customer approval and training via webinar or in-house at Spectrum Medical is included free of charge. 
  • Remote On-Line Support 
    Integrated within the VISION Server System and with VPN access, the Sentinel maintenance application provides a capability to support the remote monitoring and fault diagnosis of all Quantum systems network connected to the local VISION server.
  • Telephone Support (within standard working hours).
Vigilance Total Care:
  • Quantum Instant Access
    To maximize operational up time of the Quantum Perfusion System Spectrum Medical will, and at its discretion, deploy a “bonded inventory” of critical Quantum modules within a secure hospital location. Customers will have immediate 24-hour access to this bonded stock and more importantly prior approval from Spectrum Medical will not be required.

    Spectrum Medical must be notified as soon as practically possible that the bonded stock has been used.