Centralized & Remote Tele-Health and Data Distribution technologies


A Tele-Health Solution for Critical Care Clinicians.

LIVE VUE is Spectrum Medical’s web-based near real time remote access tool. System privileges allow for the remote viewing of live clinical data, while hardware configuration supports detailed and simultaneous viewing of multiple patients.

Using the latest web based near real time technologies; clinicians can now access a wide range of information from multiple locations to enhance patient safety and rapid decision support.

  • Vital Signs
  • EKG Readings
  • Medication Delivery
  • Nursing Events
  • Best Practice Alerts
  • Compliance Data
  • Hemodynamics

Viewing Modes

The Command Center, LIVE VUE’s home page, can display near real time patient data by Hospital, Department or User Group within a Department. Command Center has the capability to present summarized patient data (including compliance data) in either a “Big Board” or “Team Track” VUE.

The Big Board VUE will display a clinical summary of all patients within a Hospital, a Department or User Group.

The Team Track VUE is a unique function from Spectrum Medical that can channel near real time clinical data from a number of remote or disconnected locations, supporting the work flow of the supervising physician or clinician.

Selecting a patient from within the Command Center will activate LIVE VUE’s unique App Structure.

The App Structure allows the clinician access to patient specific information at the highest levels of granularity. This information can be displayed in current and trending formats.


Integrated Alert Systems

A critical part of Spectrum Medical’s Critical Care Management Solution is LIVE VUE’s capability to be fully integrated with our Best Practice’s and Evidence Based Best Protocol alert system.

Non-compliant activity in the form of best practice violations or parameter alerts are communicated in near real time over the VISION network to LIVE VUE’s Command Center. Furthermore, LIVE VUE can be programmed to send email alerts to both attending physicians and supervising clinicians.

LIVE VUE Configuration & Design

At the system level, LIVE VUE, using integrated configuration tools, is highly flexible in how patient specific data is presented. Multiple applications can be configured to display information that’s clinically relevant to the specialty.

Accessing and working with near real time clinical information has never been easier.

Patient Safety and Decision Support are significantly enhanced with remote access to real time clinical data from either a VIPER Workstation, VIPER Tablet or PC.