Integrated Analytics, Best Practice and Patient Safety Strategies

The Critical Care Management Solution

Supporting Best Practice and Evidence Based Medicine

Spectrum Medical provides an IT solution that pro-actively supports the complex requirements of the Critical Care environment. This toolbox allows the clinician to identify adverse events before they become adverse outcomes.

Our Critical Care Management Solution empowers clinicians by offering the ability to develop care strategies to improve outcomes.

Evidence Based and Best Practice Protocols

Support of Best Practice and Evidence Based Protocols are the basis of Spectrum Medical’s philosophy. Our newly developed VIPER applications support the creation of care driven protocols for near real time management of Best Practice and time driven Evidence Based protocols.

Clinical administrators can easily configure an unlimited range of Best Practice and Evidence Based Protocols. These protocols can be configured to be patient, physician or procedure specific and can be modified at any time as new evidence points to more optimized patient outcomes.

Best Practice Violations & Ongoing Compliance

Near real-time compliance reporting systems combined with various Best Practice and Evidenced Based Protocol Apps provide a flexible approach to the consistent delivery of quality and safe patient care.

  • The functionality of Spectrum Medical’s technology ensures that clinicians are made aware of best practice violations as they happen and in near real time.
  • Intra-case compliance tools ensure that non-compliance data can be analyzed in near real time during clinically relevant time periods, such as change of shift or following clinical interventions.

Comprehensive Data & Compliance Analytics

The use of analytics is an essential element to the quality improvement process and wholly dependent on having access to clinical data across large patient populations. The Critical Care Management Solution permits clinical interventions and diagnostic data to be continuously uploaded to the server database application.

The use of data and subsequent analytics is a two stage process:

Compliance & Data Calibration

It is essential that department heads and administrators have access to tools to gauge compliance to Best Practice initiatives. To effectively improve Best Practices for both outcomes and patient safety, it is important to determine the level of clinical compliance. The analysis of overall compliance is in fact a “data calibration process” to determine the usefulness and value of the collected clinical data. Spectrum Medical provides a range of tools that allow compliance to be measured by Hospital, Department, Procedure and individual Best Practice Protocols.

Data & Analytics

Calibrated data can be used to analyze outcomes and trends for an individual patient or patient population. The output from such a process could lead to the modification of existing, or the addition of new Clinical Best Practices and Evidence Based initiatives. The use of the “Clinical Search Engine” and “Case Playback” programs are essential to this process.