Server Applications & HIS Integration

The Powerhouse behind Spectrum Medical’s Clinical Information System.

VISION is a sophisticated server application that is the hub of Spectrum Medical’s EMR technology. VISION automates the system-wide maintenance of software, the creation and transfer of patient records (end of case and real time) and the storage and retrieval systems for complex clinical data sets.


VISION is loaded onto a customer-supplied server with access to Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Microsoft SQL 2008 Workgroup Edition database. VISION allows data collected on the VIPER Clinical interfaces to pass through to the patient’s EHR using HL7 interface & PDF uploads to the Hospital Information System using an integrated communications interface engine supplied by MIRTH Inc.

The VISION server logs near real time case data on a per second basis and duplicates records as an additional data security measure. Should a VIPER monitor fail while a case is running, exchanging the monitor will immediately recover the case.

The VISION server allows users to create standardized or scheduled monthly reports. It allows for the distribution of software upgrades, windows and security updates, remote access service, password and access privileges management. VISION will also support integration with Active Directory.

Changes to the VIPER interface are simple and made quickly using VISION’s web interface. All changes made and saved on VISION are automatically communicated to all VIPER Clinical Interfaces when a new case is started or when a VIPER unit is reconnected to the VISION network.


Finally, an IT solution that empowers front-line clinical staff with advanced analytics that allow the effective implementation of strategies that deliver improvements in Patient Care, Patient Safety and Outcomes.

Clinical Search Engine

The VISION server application includes a Clinical Search Engine that provides full access to clinical data at a level of granularity not matched by current EHR providers. The search engine is capable of running highly complex multi-tasking queries over significantly sized patient populations.

Search Engine Configuration

A unique feature of the VISION Clinical Search Engine is the ability to auto configure the user interface and data base structure (SCHEMA) to reflect the addition of new data points to the patient record. Formatting of new data points is facilitated by changes to the VIPER clinical interface. Once this data is uploaded to the VISION database the search engine will automatically display the new options for query. This level of sophistication substantially reduces the IT resources needed to support the system.

Another feature of the VISION Search Engine is the ability to pre-program the processing of routine complex high-resolution queries following case closure and upload to the database. Thereby reducing the retrieval time for complex queries.

Case Playback

Case Playback is a technology that is used to retrospectively re-play a patient’s record in near real time; continuous information including waveforms and all case related events, such as medication delivery, best practice alerts, personnel activity and so much more. Stop, Pause, Fast Forward and Re-Play are standard features within the Case Playback program.