Non Invasive Diagnostic Monitoring Systems (System M)

The System M range of diagnostic monitors is Spectrum Medical’s proven solution for the continuous non-invasive diagnostic measurement of critical physiologic parameters which impact clinical decisions and the quality of patient care.


Spectrum Medical’s propriety range of Non-Invasive measurement technologies share the following “feature set” that enhances fast and accurate clinical decision support:

 Ease of Use: Immediate access to key data without the need for multiple blood gas calibrations.
 Non-Invasive: Maintains the integrity of the bypass of ECMO circuit, improved infection control with a reduction in the risk of blood clotting and always vendor neutral.
 Real-Time: Second to second system updates using the latest technology to offer clinicians accurate information without delays.
 Accuracy: Critical real-time parameters that maintain accuracy over short and long term cases despite changes in temperature, hemodilution or blood flow.