The Quantum Range of 12" Workstations

The 12” Quantum Workstation

The 12” Quantum Workstation is a direct replacement for the System M non-invasive monitoring technology albeit significantly enhanced with a range of Quantum capabilities that supports connectivity to the Quantum Diagnostics Module and the Quantum Ventilation System. 

The 12” Quantum Workstation integrates device connectivity to third party physiological monitors for the central display of critical clinical information and potential EMR generation. Quantum Workstation system includes a range of safety and best practice systems including; compliance through our Best Practice App and safety through our Checklist and Complication Apps.  Spectrum Medical’s remote monitoring LIVE VUE technology is also available when the Quantum Workstations are network connected to a VISION server installation.


The Quantum Workstation Elite

The Quantum Workstation Elite contains the features of the 12” Quantum Workstation plus the direct drive of two Quantum QP22 centrifugal pumps, plus two flow channels, four pressure channels, and temperature channels.  

This integration has been designed to support clinical applications requiring transport or a wide range of clinical applications in the I.C.U. where the measurement of oxygenation is limited to Saturation only.  

System flexibility is critical to Spectrum Medical and with all Quantum technologies interconnectivity is assured with the Quantum real-time operating system (RTOS) and a wide range of Quantum modules and space frame solutions to support a wide range of potential clinical ECLS applications.


The Quantum Workstation Elite is not yet available within the U.S. and ROW markets. Keep checking our website for updates on our regulatory pathway towards a Q3 of 2019 release.