The Quantum 12" Workstation

The Quantum 12” Workstation is an optional alternative to the Quantum 15” Workstation. The 12” Workstation with its Landscape Mode high-resolution LCD has been designed to provide customers with a reduced spatial envelope and a simplified graphical user interface.

The Quantum 12” Workstation retains a range of capabilities that supports connectivity to the Quantum Ventilation System, the Quantum Diagnostics Module , the Quantum PureFlow Ventilation System module and 3rd Party devices using Spectrum Medical’s optional 3rd Party Device Driver software.

The Quantum 12” Workstation will not support the Quantum HLM Pump Manager App.


The Quantum 12" Workstation manufactured from medical grade aluminium materials and with the latest high resolution touch-screen technologies. The Quantum Workstation complies with the latest medical and safety regulations in accordance with ISO 62304 and ISO 60601

The Quantum 12" Workstation is now FDA approved, CE approval expected Q1 of 2019.