Heater Coolers for the Cardiac O.R. 

Spectrum Medical is proud to present its newest addition to the Quantum family of Perfusion Products.

A powerful and revolutionary Heater Cooler technology that eliminates the growth environment for the Mycobacterium Chimaera bacteria and the time consuming need for hazardous cleaning procedures. 

The Quantum Cardiac O.R. Heater Cooler is a world first solution in which hot and cold thermal energy is supplied to the patient perfusion circuit without the need for water. 

This new technology is a function of the following three design strategies:

  •       The Heater Cooler Unit is silent, extremely powerful and requires no cleaning other than that performed by Spectrum Medical during its annual Sentinel servicing plan.
  •       Thermal energy from the Quantum Cardiac O.R. Heater Cooler unit is transferred to the patient perfusion circuit using a medically approved Glycol solution.
  •       The Glycol circuit converts its energy to the patient perfusion circuit using two single-use sterile heat exchangers specifically developed by Spectrum Medical for both the arterial and cardiopleagia circuits.


The Heater Cooler is not yet available within the U.S. and ROW markets. Keep checking our website for updates on our regulatory pathway towards a Q3 of 2019 release.