Hardware Solutions & Device Connectivity

Medical Device Connectivity:

To reduce the costs associated with EMR adoption, Spectrum Medical has integrated device connectivity as a standard capability with in the Quantum Data Management unit, thereby eliminating the requirement for a third party connectivity solution provider. 

Key features of Quantum's connectivity solutions are:

  • Positive patient association with all collected data.
  • Data collection from all physiologic monitors and ancillary devices in the O.R. or specialty setting.
  • Quantum Data Management's connectivity solution supports near real-time transfer of data for remote trending analysis and patient alert systems.
  • Connectivity options including RS232, Wi-Fi and conventional wired networks.

Quantum Data Management unit: Uniquely designed for the Clinical Specialty

The Quantum Data Management unit utilizing Quantum's EMR “App-Store” software is Spectrum Medical’s solution to clinical interfacing, 3rd party device integration, data collection and the generation of an EMR for a range of clinical specialties including Anesthesia, Perfusion and ECMO.

Manufactured from medical grade aluminum materials with the latest capacitance touchscreen technologies, the Quantum Data Management unit complies with the latest medical and safety regulations and comes with a 15" portrait screen. 

Quantum Tablet: Flexible, Lightweight and Portable

Operating as either a standalone solution or as an adjunct to the Quantum Data Management installation, the Quantum Tablet adds mobility and flexibility to Spectrum Medical’s world leading EMR solutions. Utilizing the identical App Store software as that used in the Quantum Data Management minimizes user training and increases flexibility which is especially important when creating the Pre-Operative and Post Anesthesia Care records. 

Furthermore, Wi-Fi capability enables the Quantum Tablet to stay connected to the Vision Server to ensure real-time HL7 integration with the HIS.


Quantum Tablet

Quantum Data Management Unit