The Quantum Range of Centrifugal Pumps

Spectrum Medical’s next generation Quantum Centrifugal Pumps provide exceptional levels of performance along with significantly reduced prime volumes. The utilisation of a single sapphire bearing, and patented hydro-dynamic balancing technology ensures levitation at low RPMs which lead to significantly reduced heat generation and haemolysis.

PC1036 Bio-Compatibility coating and the availability of a hand-crank futher improves patient safety.

Quantum CP37 (designed for CBP applications)

Within the range the CP37 is Spectrum Medical’s most powerful Centrifugal pump and is rated to 8 liters/min at 800 mmhg and has a prime volume of 37cc.

The CP37 is integrated directly into the Quantum Perfusion System and can be connected to any port location within the Quantum Console to optimise circuit design.

Quantum CP22 (designed for ECLS procedures outside the O.R.)

The The CP22 is rated to 8 liters/min at 600 mmhg and has a class – leading prime volume of only 22cc.

Another world first is the integration of Spectrum Medical’s advanced pressure and temperature measurement technology for both the arterial and venous lines further improve ECLS circuit safety.The CP22 can be connected to either a Quantum Perfusion System or the new Quantum Workstation Elite, integration with the Quantum Workstation Elite simplifies systems and circuits for ECLS procedures used in the I.C.U. or during transport.


Quantum CP37                                                                                                                 Quantum CP22 

The Centrifugal Pump is not yet available within the U.S. and ROW markets. Keep checking our website for updates on our regulatory pathway towards a Q4 of 2019 release.