Performance & Specification

The core of Spectrum Medical's design philosophy is that all of its new technologies must provide significant improvement in terms of functionality, increased safety and performance when compared to currently available solutions.

  • Safety and the Clinical environment
  • To improve patient safety, Spectrum Medical has eliminated use of water and high-speed fans in the clinical O.R. environment; high-speed fans that have been proven to compromise the O.R. laminar flow system. The elimination of conventional high-speed fans ensures that the Mr. Frosty is a noise-free solution that greatly improves the working environment within O.R.

  • From a performance perspective our goals were simple; we can maximise patient safety by minimizing time on bypass.
  • Mr. Frosty is the first Heater-Cooler solution to offer the ability to heat and cool both arterial and cardiopleagia circuits simultaneously and independently of each other. One circuit can be heated while the other is being cooled, or alternatively both can be heated and cooled at the same time.

    Mr. Frosty comes with a staggering 3.1Kw/hour thermal cooling capacity that has the capability to reduce cooling times by over 60% leading to quicker surgery start times.

    These capabilities facilitate improved both response times to surgeon and further aids patient safety by offering the potential to significantly reduce patient time on bypass.