• + Quantum Perfusion for the O.R.
    • Quantum Perfusion for the OR:

      The flexible range of Quantum Perfusion Technologies combined with vertical and horizontal space frame solutions is a unique combination of world leading Perfusion Technologies and Integrated Patient Safety Systems designed to support a wide range of clinical therapies that use Extracorporeal Circulation for patient life-support within the Operating Room.

      Heater-Cooler (Mr. Frosty):

      A powerful and revolutionary Heater-Cooler technology that eliminates the growth environment for the Mycobacterium Chimaera bacteria, eliminates the disruption of the Operating Room based laminar flow systems and eliminates the time-consuming need for hazardous cleaning procedures.

    • Quantum Technologies for the O.R.
    • Quantum Perfusion Modules
    • Quantum Sterile Technologies
    • Quantum Thermal Technologies
    • Sentinel Total Customer Support
  • + Quantum Perfusion for the I.C.U., Cath Lab & Transport
    • Quantum Perfusion for the ICUs:

      The flexible range of Quantum Perfusion Technologies have been developed by Spectrum Medical to support a wide range clinical therapies in the ICU and emergency procedures in the Cath-Lab.  Platform flexibility combined with superior performance and the ultimate systems integration with Quantum Informatics delivers the highest quality of care and patient safety.

      Quantum Perfusion for Transport:

      The use of Carbon Fibre offers significant weight savings when compared to existing transport platforms without sacrificing overall system strength when used in rugged environments.  The Melbourne Transport Frame integrates with various Quantum Perfusion Modules and makes use of a range of Quantum Sterile Technologies and when in the ICU the overall system can “dock” with Toronto ICU system as well as Quantum Informatics.

    • Quantum Technologies for the I.C.U. & Cath Lab
    • Quantum Technologies For Transport
    • Quantum Perfusion Modules
    • Quantum Sterile Technologies
    • Sentinel Total Customer Support
  • + Quantum Software Solutions
    • Quantum Informatics:

      Quantum Informatics is a total solution for the complex high acuity space focused on patient clinician connectivity in the I.C.U. and the O.R. As a fully HL7 compliant system, Spectrum Medical’s Quantum Informatics Technology allows for the integration of 3rd party devices, the real-time distribution of critical patient information and deployment of “active Patient Safety Systems” and clinical Best Practice.

      Quantum EMR:

      Easy to learn and use, the Quantum EMR (formally VIPER) software is highly responsive with single-tier navigation offering peace of mind that the process of EMR generation will not impact patient care or patient safety.  It is ideally suited as a solution for clinical specialty areas not supported by larger enterprise systems or where flexible workflow / device integration is a key requirement for clinical use.

    • Quantum Informatics
    • Quantum EMR

System Specifications

Quantum Workstation Specification


Manufactured from medical grade aluminum materials and with the latest capacitance touch-screen technologies, the Medically Approved Quantum Workstation complies with the very latest medical and safety regulations in accordance with IEC 62304 and ISO 60601.


OS Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC (Anti-Virus to be managed by customer)
Application Code Spectrum Medical proprietary software.


Main Processor Intel Atom E3845 Quad-Core 1.91 GHz
Memory 4GB DDR3
Storage 2GB (or greater) SD Card


Size 15" Portrait Mode with LED Backlighttd>
Resolution 1024x768 (XGA)

Battery & Weight

Battery 2 x 14.4V 6600 mAh Li-ion, Run-time: > 90 minutes
Weight 8.2 Kgs / 18 Pounds


Serial / USB 3 – USB / Serial
Wired LAN 1 – 10/100Mbps


Vision Server Installation Requirements


Operating System Microsoft Windows Server 2016, 2014, 2012
Database Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition 2016, 2012
Internet Services IIS version 10.x, 8.x, 7.x (or latest release)
.NET framework Version 4.x (or latest release)
Java Version 11, 8.x (or latest release) *Java may require additional subscription for security updates. Older version(s) can be used, however without latest security patches.
Mirth Connect Version 3.x


Type Physical or virtual
CPU Minimum 2 processors, Quad-Core 2GHz+

Disc Storage Requirements

OS and applications 50GB (reserved for Windows and applications)
100GB separate drive for Vision Server and data
Case Storage for SQL Data 100 GB (10MB / Case, 1000 cases / year x 10 years). This is a general estimate. Space required for data storage depends on the number of channels of real-time data collected, the logging frequency, the number of cases per year, and the number of years of archival storage.

Suggested servers per Vision Installation

  • 1 Vision Server – Test
  • 1 Vision Server – Production
  • SQL Server can be installed on Vision Server(s) or can use corporate instance based on SQL licensing requirements.
  • Vision Server normally uses 3 databases per environment.
    • MIRTHDB (Interface database)
    • VISION (Archive database)
    • VISION_LIVE (Live database)

Remote Access

  • SecureLink is the preferred method of connecting for remote access.
  • SecureLink requires at least one email address to be used for audit notifications.
    • This email address can be an individual or a group email address.
  • Spectrum Medical can utilize a network service account or individual network account to utilize with SecureLink to access the server(s) for installation, configuration and support.