EuroELSO 2023 - 11th International Congress

10 April 2019


Dear industry partners

The EuroELSO steering committee members are delighted to invite you to join us at the next EuroELSO meeting in Lisbon 26-29 April 2023. 
We want to build on the great success of our first post COVID meeting in London.

The Lisbon meeting will offer a full scientific programme covering all aspects of the deployment of ECLS in the adult and paediatric spheres.
There will be great opportunities for hands on experience and simulation with educational workshops
and pre-meeting courses covering a variety of basic and more advanced ECLS practice.

All of this going on in one of the great cities of Southern Europe, with amazing medieval architecture and stunning churches juxtaposed
with ground breaking modern architecture and modern art, all in a balmy Mediterranean climate.

We look forward to meeting you there in 2023.