R&D Financed Projects

Thanks to the European Regional Development fund, Spectrum Medical SRL has performed innovative R&D and industrialization projects in the field of extracorporeal circulation and life support systems. During last years, Spectrum Medical SRL has been working on:

Definition of an innovative production process for the manufacturing of a new generation of Heat Exchangers

  • Obtained results: The R&D and industrialization activity, performed thanks to the grant, has enabled the release of novel and safe device, able to eliminate the bacterial contamination affecting the health of patient and healthcare operators.
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Design and development of a new coating applied to medical devices

  • Obtained results: The new technology reduces platelet adhesion, protein adsorption and patient inflammatory response.
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Design and development of a new hybrid reservoir

  • Obtained results: the new device manages the blood flow rate and blood level, thus reducing the risks coming from an incorrect use.
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Design and development of a new oxygenator

  • Obtained results: Thanks to an automated control system and to the new oxygenation strategy, the device can oxygenate patient blood and remove carbon dioxide, while ensuring gas micro emboli elimination.
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Design and development of new Cannulae

  • Obtained results: The novel cannula has user-friendly and atraumatic design, ensuring flexibility and smoothness characteristics, and at the same time excellent mechanical stability over time.
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The projects mentioned above, co-funded by the European regional Development fund, were completed at the end of 2022.

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