Ethics and Social Responsbility

Spectrum Medical SRL recognises the importance of ethical and social values in work and business: consequently, it is committed to a sound and responsible management of its activities and those of its social partners, while respecting the community to which it belongs.

This commitment has led to creating the Code of Ethics which has the following purposes:

  • To define Spectrum Medical SRL fundamental ethical principles;
  • To establish rules of conduct for those working with and for it;
  • To foster the dialogue, involvement and consensus of these parties;
  • To indicate the bases of a voluntary agreement in order to ethically regulate relations between Spectrum Medical SRL and its stakeholders;
  • To represent the basic element for the adoption of the Organisational Model pursuant to L. Decree 231/2001 on the topic of the administrative liability of entities.

The recipients of the Code of Ethics are:

The people of Spectrum Medical SRL;
the Company’s suppliers, partners and other external collaborators

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Spectrum Medical SRL verifies and monitors the application of the Code of Ethics, providing for sanctions in case of its breach. To this end, a specific Supervisory Board has been set up, which can be contacted both for reporting breaches (or alleged breaches) and for information on the matter at the following email address:

All suppliers, external collaborators, subcontractors, partners and external consultants who work with the Company are required to comply with the principles expressed in the Code of Ethics, which can be viewed at the following internet address:

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