Hardware Solutions & Device Connectivity

Medical Device Connectivity:

To reduce both the implementation costs of Health I.T. and to ensure seamless data integration, Spectrum Medical has integrated within its Quantum Informatics - 23 technology a world leading Medical Device Connectivity solution, thereby eliminating the requirement for a 3rd party middle-ware provider.

The VISION server application can support direct connection to 3rd Party Gateway Servers (such as a Philips or GE) or direct connectivity using it’s Device Comms Management software to a range of physiologic monitors in the I.C.U.  Direct, bedside device connectivity, whether in the O.R. or the I.C.U. is made using Spectrum Medical’s range of Quantum Workstations.  

Key features of the Quantum Informatics device connectivity solution are:

  • Positive patient association with all collected data.
  • Data collection from all physiologic monitors and ancillary devices located in the O.R. and the I.C.U.
  • The Quantum Informatics device connectivity solution supports near real-time transfer of data for remote trending analysis (LIVE VUE) and the deployment of clinician developed active Patient Safety Strategies.
  • Connectivity options including RS232 (Quantum Workstation), Wi-Fi and conventional wired networks (Quantum Workstation and VISION Server).

The Next Generation family of Quantum Workstations

The 15” Quantum Workstation has been designed to support complex perfusion procedures utilized during cardiac surgery. Using its high-resolution touch screen technology the 15” Quantum Workstation supports the centralization of critical patient data, optional EMR generation and the bed side deployment of active best practice and patient safety systems.

The new and revolutionary 12” Quantum Workstation Elite has been designed to offer the ultimate in clinical flexibility when supporting complex ECLS procedures in the I.C.U. and during patient transport. The Quantum Workstation Elite offers identical functionality to the 15” Quantum Workstation with the additional capability of being able to modulate two CP22 Quantum Centrifuge Pumps or two Quantum 4” Roller Pumps (or in any combination).           

12” Quantum Workstation Elite 15” Quantum Workstation