VISION Server & VISION Reporting

The Powerhouse behind The Quantum Informatics - 23


VISION is a sophisticated server application that is at the core of Spectrum Medical’s Quantum Informatics-23 Technology. VISION automates the system-wide maintenance of software, system security updates, the creation and transfer of patient records, the distribution of real-time physiologic data and the storage and retrieval systems for complex clinical data sets. VISION will also support integration with Active Directory.

VISION is loaded onto a customer-supplied server with access to Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Microsoft SQL 2008 Work-group Edition database. VISION allows data collected via the Quantum Workstations or the Server Application to pass through to the patient’s EHR using HL7 interfaces & PDF uploads using an integrated communications interface engine supplied by MIRTH Inc.

The VISION server can log near real-time case data from the Quantum Workstation, 3rd Party Gateway Servers and the H.I.S. on a per second basis for storage within the SQL database and for distribution to LIVE VUE, and the clinician deployed active Patient Safety Systems.

Changes to the Patient Safety Systems and Best Practice strategies are simple to implement using the VISION web interface without needing I.T. support. Configuration changes implemented via the VISION web interface will update LIVE VUE and VISION in real-time, changes to the Quantum Workstations take effect at the beginning of a new case.


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About VISION Reporting

VISION Reporting allows clinician easy access to both discreet and aggregated data, broken up by specific parts of the case. VISION Reporting is supplied with a range of standard reports that expands with each software release. The baseline reporting has case analysis, blood utilization, surgical times, compliance, best practice, hardware and disposable reports. VISION Reporting also includes a custom analysis tool to create your own search and reporting. The retrospective analysis combined with our real-time analytics allows for a sophisticated platform to improve quality and safety.