The Quantum Roller Pump


With a total commitment to reduce both the spacial envelope and the overall weight of the Quantum Heart Lung machine, Spectrum Medical made a significant decision to be the world's first provider of roller pumps with three different race-way diameters. Having the ability to choose between a 4", 6" and 8" race-ways eliminates the compromises that force many users to use 8" pumps for medium flow applications.



System Reconfiguration:

To support  pump configuration changes to your Quantum Heart Lung Machine or your Quantum ECLS System Spectrum Medical has focused on developing a compact motor design for easy weight handling and a mounting system that supports pump changes in less than 60 seconds. Importantly, Quantum's "Pump Detection" software ensures there is no required user input to support pump re-configuration.

Electronic Drive Systems:

All three motor units are direct drive with non-contacting brushless motors to maximise both motor endurance and low-noise in operation.

New to peristaltic pump technology is the integration of "Field Orientation Control" technology that ensures precision control of pump RPM both in continuous and pulsatile modes and a significant reduction in power consumption which increases overall battery life.

Tube Clamping Systems:

Spectrum Medical's patented universal tube clamping system has been designed to eliminate the frustration of using today's tube clamping solutions and colour coded plastic inserts. A single "bobbin" solution allows for the clamping of all tubing diameters associated with the selected size of race-way.