The Quantum 12" Workstation Elite

The revolutionary new 12” Quantum Workstation Elite has been designed to offer the ultimate in clinical flexibility when supporting complex ECLS procedures in the I.C.U. and during patient transport.  A single solution not only reduces training requirements it offers maximum investment utilization.

The Quantum Workstation integrates two channels of flow measurement, four channels of pressure and temperature measurement and Spectrum Medical's proven non-invasive measurement of O2 Saturations and Hb/Hct.

Additionally, the Quantum Workstation Elite can drive and modulate two CP22 Quantum Centrifuge Pumps or two Quantum 4” Roller Pumps, or either pump in combination. Furthermore, The Quantum Workstation Elite supports connectivity to a wide range of Quantum modules including revolutionary Ventilation Lite.

Systems interoperability and patient safety are fundamental to Spectrum Medical and its commitment to partnering with customers to improve patient outcomes. The new Quantum Workstation Elite has an integrated 3rd party device connectivity solution that enables the central display and transfer of critical real-time continuous clinical information. 

The system also includes a range of safety and best practice systems. Compliance is supported by the Best Practice App and patient safety through our Checklist and Complications Apps. Spectrum Medical’s Live Vue technology and Critical Care Scoring systems functionality are available when the Quantum Workstation Elite is network connected to a Quantum Informatics server installation.