Non-Invasive Measurement of SaO2, SvO2 & Hemoglobin

The Measurement of SaO2 and SvO2

The Measurement of O2 saturation is achieved by analyzing a specific region of the oxy-hemoglobin absorption curve.  The use of this non-invasive optical shape recognition technology ensures the measurement of O2 is highly accurate and extremely repeatable to its pre-shipped calibrations over the lifetime of the product.

Using a miniature scanning spectrometer and infrared LED, the system measures the reflected amplitude of light at 100 discrete wavelengths.

A specifically developed algorithm derives the relative contributions from both the fully oxygenated and the reduced oxygenated absorption curves to calculate an actual O2 concentration.


The Measurement of Hematocrit and Hemoglobin

Spectrum Medical again uses non-invasive technology for the continuous reading of Hematocrit (15 to 50%) and Hemoglobin (5 to 17g/dl).

Infrared light from an LED is passed through a flowing tube of blood.  A photodiode detects a receiving light level and converts the resultant light energy into a proportional electrical output.

The sensors are delivered pre-calibrated with a high and low concentration value.  Software algorithms linearize this relationship and convert the incoming signal to an actual value of Hematocrit or Hemoglobin.

Sensors - Hb/SO2 Part Number Tube Internal Diameter Tube Wall Thickness venous Tubing Clip Size (Tube OD) Cable Length
51-000040-00 3/16 1/16 5/16 2M
51-000039-00 1/4 1/16 3/8 2M
51-000038-00 1/4 3/32 7/16 2M
51-000037-00 3/8 3/32 9/16 2M
51-000044-00 3/16 1/16 5/16 1.3M
51-000043-00 1/4 1/16 3/8 1.3M
51-000042-00 1/4 3/32 7/16 1.3M
51-000041-00 3/8 3/32 9/16 1.3M
Venous Line of Hb/SO2 sensors maximum tube size 1/2 3/32 11/16 Not Applicable