Dual Lumen Cannula

Spectrum Medical’s new Dual Lumen Cannula allows for venous drainage and reinfusion of blood via the internal jugular vein during extracorporeal life support procedures lasting up to 6 hours.

The device exploits a single site insertion which reduces the invasiveness of extracorporeal procedures. It is inserted via the right internal jugular vein. Blood is drained through the lumen of the outer catheter and returned through the lumen of the inner catheter. The device features multiple inflow openings in the outer catheter limiting the circulation of unoxygenated blood.

The Cannula is supplied as a 31Fr, 27Fr or 24Fr and is coated with Spectrum Medical’s cross linked bio compatibility PC1036.

Dual Lumen RV to PA Cannula


Dual Lumen Cannula Performances

Dual Lumen Cannula is FDA cleared for sales in the U.S. market only.