Quantum SuperPAC

The Quantum SuperPAC is an uncompromising combination of innovative sterile technologies and a key system within Spectrum Medical’s “Quantum Perfusion” strategy. What makes the SuperPAC different to currently available “tubing circuits” is the revolutionary approach to world first innovation and it's integration with Spectrum Medical’s Quantum ECLS & Informatics Technologies.

  • The elimination of Gaseous Microemboli
  • Improved Gross Air Management
  • Minimal Time to Prime
  • Anti-Thrombotic Strategies
  • No Blood Re-Circulation
  • Low Haemolysis & Low Heat Generation
  • Lowest Pressure Drop
  • Minimal Blood Contacting Surface Area
  • Integrated Pressure and Temperature Measurement
  • Durable Bio Compatibility Coating

SuperPAC Configuration

The Quantum SuperPAC is available in a range of sizes to support Adult, Paediatric and Neonate patient populations. SuperPACs are supplied coated with Spectrum Medical’s cross linked bio compatibility PC1036. Superior adhesion qualities, elasticity and surface smoothness maximise antithrombotic performance throughout the life of the product.

The SuperPAC is supplied with its own priming kit that is easy to use and duplicates current clinical practise.

For Reference: The Quantum Dual Chamber Oxygenator and the Quantum range of centrifugal pumps are not included within the SuperPAC and will need to be purchased separately.