The Quantum Ventilation Lite

The Quantum Ventilation Lite is a world first ventilation technology designed by Spectrum Medical to be used in the I.C.U. during clinical procedures requiring extracorporeal circulation for critical life support. For the very first time the Spectrum Medical’s Quantum Ventilation technology now includes the capability to manage both atmospheric and hypobaric ventilation strategies. The first being conventional atmospheric ventilation using O2, Air and CO2 and a hypobaric ventilation strategy using dual oxygen sources allowing for a V/Q mismatch within Spectrum Medical's revolutionary ventilator technology.



One System - Five Leading Solutions from Spectrum Medical

A "single system, five solutions" design strategy ensures that the Quantum Ventilation System will support multiple therapies across a wide ranging patient population to maximise both patient safety and product utilization within the clinical environment.

Technical Solutions Ventilation Capabilities
Patient Blending

Single Gas Outlet:   0.025 to 10 L/m   (O, CO2 & Air)

(Maximum 20 liters at 60% FiO2)

Dual Gas Outlets:   0.025 to 20 L/m   (O2 , CO2)

(For use with Spectrum Medical's new ventilator technology)

Patient Ventilation Decision Support & Auto Regulation of PaO2 and PaCO2
Ventilation Safety Technologies Incoming Gas Concentrations and System Pressures
Integrated Sensing Solutions

Included as standard, the "Quantum Sensor Hub" offers overall system flexibility in the clinical environment:

3 Temperatures 3 Flows (incl: Bubble Detection)
3 Pressures 1 Level (two position)


Non-Invasive Diagnostics Ventilation Diagnostics and Calculated Physiologic Indices