Sentinel Total Customer Support 

Sentinel Total Care:

  • Extended Warranty
    Sentinel Total Care includes comprehensive protection in the event of any breakdown of your Quantum System. Coverage includes modules, sub-assemblies, and any associated accessories (sensors, cables, clamp assemblies, batteries, etc.). Quantum products beyond economical repair will be replaced with the latest ‘new build’ technologies at no additional cost.
  • Accidental Damage
    No questions asked, unintentional damage protection, including all Quantum accessories. Quantum products beyond economical repair will be replaced with the latest ‘new build’ technologies at no additional cost. Sentinel Total Care allows you to effectively manage your budget with no sudden large Purchase Order requirements.
  • Quantum Sterile Products Support
    Partnering with hospitals in the provisioning of care is at the core of the Sentinel relationship and providing dedicated customer support for sterile disposable technologies is another exciting world first for Spectrum Medical. Spectrum Medical can now offer its exclusive users of the Quantum SuperPAC technology an optional fixed cost per patient pricing model. To minimise disruption and associated administration costs this option is only available to hospitals using Quantum Informatics. Quantum sterile products supplied by Spectrum Medical that have exceeded their expiration date can be returned to Spectrum Medical for full credit against future purchases.
  • On-Line Learning Support (Quantum eLearning)
    All users have access to Spectrum Medical’s web-based eLearning management platform, Quantum eLearning. Quantum eLearning will complement any existing training or re-certification program. Each Spectrum Medical module, product or technology, has its own dedicated course. Each course content is available in multiple languages and designed to ensure that the user’s product and clinical knowledge is both relevant and up-to-date. Topics covered include clinical benefits of hypobaric oxygenation, safety features for Mini-Bypass mode, and auto-regulation of PO₂ and PCO₂. Quantum eLearning is an easily accessible resource library. Access Quantum eLearning day or night, on any device, from any location with an internet connection.
  • Software Updates
    Spectrum Medical is committed to the continuous improvement of both systems functionality and the enhancement of capital value. We continually review, enhance, and add software functionality driven by evidence-based clinical usage and trends. Our 3rd party device driver software is regularly updated to ensure compatibility with both established and new systems. All software updates are included at no additional cost to the customer. Any software deployment is subject to prior customer approval and training via Spectrum Medical’s web-based electronic Learning Management System (Quantum eLearning).
  • Emergency Loan Equipment
    Spectrum Medical will dispatch complimentary loan equipment if your defective equipment cannot be rectified within 24 hours of being returned to a Spectrum Medical Service Centre. To maximise equipment uptime our loan equipment stays with you until you receive a repaired or new replacement module from Spectrum Medical.
  • On Site Customer Support
    A Spectrum Medical Product Specialist will perform all required routine servicing to ensure optimum performance of your Quantum Perfusion System. Visiting Product Specialists will also provide additional user training and support changes to systems configuration to enhance clinical practice. Using dedicated Product Specialists as opposed to traditional service personnel is a unique strategy within the ECLS space, with Sentinel Total Care covering all associated service visit costs (travel, labour, and spare parts).
  • Remote Real-Time Support App  QuantumChat-App
    Integrated, as part of Sentinel Total Care, users have access to Spectrum Medical’s comprehensive 24/7 remote real-time support application, QuantumChat. QuantumChat puts customers in direct contact with our product, clinical and technical specialists located globally. Ask a question anytime, anywhere and get an immediate response back straight away. Share pictures, videos or even start a live video chat with a product expert using your mobile device. Each user is given a dedicated login and grouped within your clinical team. Follow or respond to questions asked by fellow team members. Get device information about your Quantum System by simply scanning the QR barcode found on any Quantum module/sensor. Accessed via the app, our knowledge-based libraries such as documents, manuals, software release notes and various troubleshooting help tips. QuantumChat makes troubleshooting and resolving issues easy and fast. QuantumChat supports multiple languages and is compatible with either Apple or Android mobile devices. Additionally, with the inclusion of our VISION Server System and with VPN access, Spectrum Medical can provide remote monitoring and fault diagnosis of all Quantum system networks connected to the local VISION server intraoperatively.