Ventilation Safety Technologies

The initiation of extracorporeal support is critical and represents a unique transfer of care from Anesthesia to Perfusion. The Quantum Ventilation System offers a safety system that protects the patient and the clinician.

Gas Concentrations and System Pressures

  • Air, O2, CO2 - Supply Pressures
  • O2 and CO2 Gas Concentrations to the Oxygenator
  • Overall Gas Flow to the Oxygenator (SWEEP)
  • O2 and CO2 concentrations measured at the primary exhaust port

Vacuum Pressure Management:

  • Vacuum - Supply Pressure
  • Vacuum Pressure to the Oxygenator Exit Port (Hypobaric Mode)
  • Controlled Waste Anesthesia Gas Extraction (Atmospheric Mode)
  • Vacuum Assisted Venous Drainage Pressure