Central Display System

The conduct of extracorporeal perfusion requires primary focus on patient care and immediate access to specific clinical data with minimal distraction from either the patient or the bypass circuit. Typically, important clinical data is found on a range of monitors from different vendors in a variety of locations.  

The Quantum Workstation from Spectrum Medical eliminates these potentially un-safe distractions with the launch of the world’s first Central Display System designed specifically for use with Perfusion or ECMO.  

"By combining a user configurable central display and Spectrum Medical’s ‘Real Time Device Connectivity Software' clinician response time to critical clinical data is improved, as is the quality of patient care.” (reference NYP article).

Using Spectrum Medical's optional device driver software the Quantum Workstation will now connect to all Patient Monitors, Cerebral Oximetry Monitors and many other 3rd party devices.

Extra-Corporeal Patient Monitoring