High performance polymer surface modifications technology

To maximize both biocompatibility and longevity Spectrum Medical utilises the high-performance Phosphorylcholine (PC) 1036 as its standard bio-compatibility coating. Unlike alternative coatings the PC1036 requires an additional final step in the coating process to create a “cross-linked” structure within the coating substrate which provides significant advantages when compared to coatings used by other manufactures.

PC1036                                                                                     PC1059



Surface adhesion of the PC1036 is approximately 5 x greater than the PC1059.


The elastic behavior of the PC1036 bio-compatibility coating as shown below is fundamental improvement upon on the inelastic behavior of the low-cost PC1059.  This inherent elasticity and greater surface adhesion properties significantly improves long-term performance.




As can be seem from the data below that the Surface Roughness of the PC1036 is approximately 35 times less than the PC1059, which is a significant advantage to reducing hemolysis and increased clotting times. 




Clotting Time - A.L. Lewis et al Biomaterials 22 (2001) 99-11