Hybrid System

Spectrum Medical continues to provide new technologies specifically designed to improve performance and therefore improve patient outcomes.

The Hybrid Cardiotomy-Venous System is as easy to use as a traditional hard shell system. It primes quickly and familiar Vacuum Assist approaches are easily used. The Hybrid System also provides the inherent safety of a soft bag while minimizing the need for manual air removal techniques.

Whether a Team currently uses Mini-bypass, has not yet attempted Mini-bypass, uses a Soft-bag or a Hard-shell reservoir, all will appreciate the easy to use Hybrid System Technologies. The improvements provide: gross venting of venous line air, control of patient volume, options to separately handle vented and suctioned blood, utilization of common Vacuum assist techniques while avoiding the complexity of a kinetic venous assist device, and elimination of the difficulties of converting from a Mini-bypass circuit to full drainage during unpredictable clinical situations. The Hybrid System; developed to successfully address a wide variety of challenging clinical situations.

Hybrid Reservoir

Hybrid Reservoir


Not available in the U.S. Market.