Quantum Thermal Technologies

To Spectrum Medical the facts were simple:

  •       Mycobacterium Chimaera is a major worldwide health risk to both patients and physicians.
  •       It is impossible to eliminate Mycobacterium Chimaera from a water based heater-cooler system.
  •       Current heater-cooler designs destroy hospital Laminar Flow Systems.
  •       Clinicians have been trained to take care of patients not to become heater-cooler cleaning technicians.

      To meet this global challenge Spectrum Medical has invested significant resources into the creation of an entirely new engineering team focused on the development of radical thermal solutions for a wide range of extracorporeal applications.

      Today’s manufactures perceive the heater-cooler as a low technology product, to Spectrum Medical it’s just one more opportunity to demonstrate to our customers the excitement we have in bringing yet more technology and safety to the clinical settings.

The first of two new products is the heater-cooler solution for the Cardiac O.R.  Internally to us and to many of our potential customers it’s already known as “Mr. Frosty”.  Mr. Frosty is clean, sterile, fast and safe, and it brings fun back to what has been a very unhappy space.

“We hope you enjoy our new Mr. Frosty”

Steve Turner C.E.O.