Heater-Coolers for the Cardiac O.R. 

Spectrum Medical is proud to present its newest addition to the Quantum family of Perfusion Products.

A powerful and revolutionary Heater-Cooler technology that eliminates the growth environment for the Mycobacterium Chimaera bacteria and the time consuming need for hazardous cleaning procedures. 

The Quantum Cardiac O.R. Heater-Cooler is a world first solution in which hot and cold thermal energy is supplied to the patient perfusion circuit without the need for water.  

This new technology is a function of the following three design strategies:

  •       The Heater-Cooler Unit is silent, extremely powerful and requires no cleaning other than that performed by Spectrum Medical during its annual Sentinel servicing plan.
  •       Thermal energy from the Quantum Cardiac O.R. Heater-Cooler unit is transferred to the patient perfusion circuit using a Glycol solution.
  •       The Glycol circuit converts its energy to the patient perfusion circuit using two single-use sterile heat exchangers specifically developed by Spectrum Medical for both the arterial and cardiopleagia circuits.