Centralized & Remote Tele-Health and Integrated Alerting Systems

Quantum Informatics - 21 has been designed to provide real-time clinical information in both graphical and textual formats to clinicians providing real-time care from within the clinical setting or from a remote location.  Subject to system privileges patient data can be viewed from either a PC, central display systems or a mobile device.

The Quantum Multi-Patient Dashboard will provide the clinical team with a “wide area, real-time perspective” of all patients within the care setting.  This presentation of data is further enhanced with the integration of active bedside deployed best practice strategies. Both visual and aural alerts for Complications, Compliance, Critical Care Scoring and Checklists will be communicated to the Multi-Patient Dashboard in real time.

Access to patient specific information is made possible by selecting a specific patient display for a more in-depth view of trending data, events and care planning. This data includes wave forms, trending physiologic data, intermittent blood gas data etc. In fact, the presentation of discreet patient data can be further enhanced by extending the exchange of information between the Quantum Informatics System and the Hospital Information System.   


              Multi-Patient Dashboard



              Patient Information 



              Patient Status (departmental summary)