Axillary Artery Graft

The world’s first Axillary Artery Graft with a built-in access side port for VA ECMO.

Spectrum Medical’s revolutionary 8mm Graft provides up to 7lpm of Axillary blood flow with the addition of a side port that can accept up to 9 French. This side port can be used for LV Venting, PCI or any other access that is needed in the arterial tree. By using Axillary access Vs. the traditional femoral access, you benefit from not having north/south syndrome and the potential of leg ischemia. 

The 8mm Graft is coated with Spectrum Medical’s cross-linked bio compatibility PC1036. Superior adhesion qualities, elasticity and surface smoothness maximises antithrombotic performance throughout the life of the product.

Axillary Artery Graft


Arterial Cannula Graft Performances

Axillary Artery Graft is FDA cleared for sales in the U.S. market only.