Quantum Perfusion Systems for Transport

The Quantum Transport system has been designed to be the world’s most intelligent transport system. Highly flexible in end user configuration and with a significant weight reduction when compared to existing market options. The system comprises of a high-technology Carbon Fibre frame, a world first Transport Ventilation System, a range of tubing circuit mounting brackets and a single (or optional second) CP22 Quantum Centrifuge Pump.

The overall riding design philosophy of the Quantum Transport System is concept of system integration. The Quantum Transport System has been design to integrate with the Quantum SuperPac and the Quantum Workstation Elite. Additionally the Quantum Workstation Elite can be immediately connected to Spectrum Medical’s Quantum Informatics technology for the centralised monitoring of patient care and the deployment of Quantum Safety Systems. 




The Quantum Transport System is not yet available within the U.S. markets. Keep checking our website for updates on our regulatory status.