Intelligent Gas Blending

Precision Gas Blending & Integrated Monitoring:

The ultra-compact Quantum Ventilation System employs the very latest gas blending technologies to ensure the precision delivery of FiO2 (21 to 100%), CO2 and sweep flow rates. In its standard configuration the Quantum Ventilation System provides a sweep flow range from 0.025 to 10 L/m when flowing a single gas delivery (e.g. 100% O2) and up to a maximum flow rate of 20 L/m when modulating the delivery of at least two gases (e.g. 60% FiO2).

Included as standard is an independent monitoring system that continuously monitors measured values with the expected outputs from the gas blending system. The fault detection strategy is based on the detection of a discrepancy between the monitoring and blending system, a performance alarm is triggered when the measured discrepancy exceeds 10%.


 Intelligent Patient Ventilation:

In “Patient Ventilation Mode” the Quantum Ventilation System combined with its patented PaO2 and PaCO2 measurement technologies provides a decision support capability that will assist the clinician in the setting of gas flows and gas concentrations when setting PaO2 and PaCO2 target values.

The “Patient Ventilation Mode” is further enhanced with a world-first “auto pressure regulation” function that can, when activated by the clinician, maintain the pre-selected PaO2 and PaCO2 target values.