Company Profile And History

Within Spectrum Medical our philosophy is simple:

"What we do is never second best,
and what we have done is never good enough".

This simple statement conceptualizes Spectrum Medical's passion for innovation, continuous development and to its total commitment to the improvement of both patient outcomes and patient safety.  

In 2006, Spectrum Medical entered into the global medical device market with the launch of its non-invasive diagnostic System M technologies. In the intervening years, and to this present day, Spectrum Medical has shown its commitment to building global leadership in both PERFUSION SYSTEMS for extracorporeal therapies and Health Informatics solutions for the high acuity healthcare space.

Today, Spectrum Medical continues to earn the trust of clinicians and patients in over 50 countries. A strategic partnership with Medtronic (Perfusion Systems) and Collaborative Solutions Provider agreement with MEDITECH (AIMS Solutions) provide Spectrum Medical with an unprecedented gateway into the global healthcare market.

Co-founded by Steve Turner and Mark Drain and held in private ownership, Spectrum Medical has proven its ability to direct substantial investments into development of new technologies, new facilities and into the building of Spectrum Medical's team of committed professionals.

Of significant importance is Spectrum Medical’s recent investment into Qura S.r.l. a company located in Mirandola, Italy. The investment in the form of Capital and Intellectual Property confirms that Qura is now the engineering and production centre for Spectrum Medical’s range of Quantum PureFlow sterile technologies. 

Spectrum Medical has its corporate headquarters located in Cheltenham, England, its U.S. headquarters is located in Fort Mill, South Carolina.