Dallas, TX
30 October 2023

The mission of the ISMCS is to provide a broad international forum for intensive discussion of research, development, clinical use and social acceptance of rotary blood pumps and all related forms of mechanical circulatory support. The ultimate goal is to provide technologies and applications, and clinical procedures for rotary blood pumps and related systems for saving lives, improving the life quality of recipients and for cost-efficient availability of the emerging therapies.

The primary tool to achieve these aims is the implementation of at least one annual meeting alternating between regions (Europe, Asia-Pacific region and the Americas). The meeting shall include at least the oral and poster presentation of submitted abstracts, panel discussions and invited lectures. The Program Committees are especially requested to facilitate/foster the career development of young investigators working in the field.

Additional measures to achieve these goals of intensive information and opinion exchange may also include electronic media means, courses and support of research exchange.